Menai Bank Hotel

Cearnarfon, North Wales

North Road, Caernarfon, North Wales LL55 1BD

Telephone: 01286 673 297

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Access Statement

The driveway leading from the main road is up a slope leading past reception into the car park at the rear of the hotel. You can park your car at the front door whilst unloading your luggage. The car park itself is only gently sloping. Due to the slope from the car park to reception the premises have been deemed to be DDA exempt (not suitable for wheelchairs). From the sloping driveway there are three steps leading to the front porch. From the porch to reception there is one step at the front door.

From Reception to the first floor South side there is a wide carpeted staircase with 10 stair steps leading to the first landing, 2 steps to the next landing and 8 steps to the first floor. Two steps lead down to the lower East landing and stairs to the second floor. From this landing there is a narrower staircase leading to the second floor South side with 14 steps.

From the ground floor there are two steps leading to North side of the building.

There is one bedroom on the ground floor of the North side.

Access to the first floor North side is by wide carpeted stairs. There are 16 stair steps to the first landing and a further 4 stair steps to the first floor landing.

Access to the second floor North side is by a wide carpeted stairs. There are 16 stair steps to the second landing and a further 4 steps to the second floor landing.

Menai Bank Hotel, North Road, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, UK LL55 1BD

Access Statement
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